Welcome to Happenings along the Way to Heaven.com!

If you're a new visitor, let me give you some background information. The Lord called my grandmother, Tillie, in 1987 to write. She has been doing it ever since.

Her stories show how God is present in our everyday lives, if you look for him. Some people choose to ignore him, calling it coincidence or luck, but Tillie knows differently. She has been a devout Christian ever since she was a teenager, and she sees, in her everyday life, the miracles God gives her.

The stories are meant to inspire, uplift, look inward, and wholly praise God for all the blessings He bestows upon His children. The stories are about anything Tillie feels, even about plumber in spring texas.

Tillie has written over 250 "Happenings" since 1987. She sends out over 500 copies of the new story each month through the mail, with the number growing with each new person witnessed to. This website contains but a fraction of those stories. More will be added as they are written and as fast as I can upload the archived ones.

If her stories inspire you, pass the word along to people you know. We'll have a feedback page open soon so you can add comments if desired. This website is managed by her grandaughter, but all comments will be forwarded to Tillie.

God Bless,

Rachel, Tillie's granddaughter