Dortha came over to install the latest World Book Encyclopedia in my computer to help with my manuscript research. It seemed like it took only five minutes for the computer to copy 26 volumes of information! Amazing, this modern world! She said, "O.K. Let's test it. What would you like to look up?"

"I'm working on an article about bugs for my children's writing ministry. There's an amazing story about a certain one."

Dortha typed in the word "beatle" to see if that information was available. The computer printed: "BEATLES became the most popular group in rock music history. All the Beatles were born in Liverpool." We laughed! No "bugs" before or after!

Not the bug I was referring to! We tried "Insects" and "Bugs" with no luck. I reached for my "B" book of the 1964 World Book Encyclopedia, opening it where my notes acted as a bookmark. "This OLD issue has more information than their NEW one," I said. Here is all about B E E T L E S. I thought professional secretaries knew how to spell everything!"

Dortha replied, "We don't have beetles in our office!"

"Did you ever hear of the Bombardier Beetle?"

"NO! What is that?"

"It is absolutely amazing! If one scuttled across my kitchen counter, I'd run for my life!

It aims its rear end at the enemy and they'll hear an explosion, see 212 degrees F. of real fire, and smell the stench from smoke. I never heard of such a bug before. With all this power, it's less than one inch in size! Good thing. If it were much bigger it might burn the house down. I wonder if they could start forest fires? The encyclopedia says they live in temperate zones, wherever they are. I've got to go to the Library and find out."

Ironically, the headlines for the Advertising Supplement of the Houston Chronicle read:


Volkswagen's Venerable Bug

a cultural phenomenon

The article began with "a pair of Beetles that crawled onto U.S. shores in 1949!" There were photos of models of 1930 prototype, 1940 Cabriolet, 1953 with larger rear window, 1964 Pretzel with split rear window, 2003 Vocho and a 2004 convertible. Very interesting article.!

I LOVE going to the library. Regardless of what time I go, I usually stay 'till they close! This day, it was four hours of reading about some of the 290,000 species of beetles. Biologist

J. B. S. Haldane said, "God must have had an inordinate fondness for beetles!" They form 1/3rd of all described animal species and 2/5th of all insects.

The Bombardier Beetles live mostly inEurope and North America in moist placesclose to the edges of lakes and streams.They deter would-be predators by spraying them with boiling hot quinines -- noxious chemicals that blister the skin and frighten off ants, toads, snakes, birds, mice, etc. He has a marvelous communication networkthat immediately defines a friend or a foe.

The Bombardier Beetle has a remarkable complex and perfectly functioning apparatus. He produces two different chemical substances which are stored in separate chambers closed off by muscular valves. The gland cells of one chamber secrete two hydroquinone compounds; those of the other, hydrogen peroxide at a concentration of 23%. When attacked, it opens the valves of the storage chambers, causing the contents to flow into an especially thick-walled space which serves as a reaction chamber. The instant the two substances come together there, an enzyme catalyzes an explosive reaction involving the decomposition of the hydrogen peroxide. The oxygen thus released supplies the gas pressure which forces out the quinine solution. The fine spray of this solution has a deterrent effect on most pursuers that they immediately give up their attack. The explosion is audible and a small veil-like reddish colored cloud with a vile smell is formed simultaneously. By swiveling the mobile abdominal tip with its superbly designed set of muscles, the beetle can aim its spray to either side, both forward and backward with remarkable accuracy. It can make 20 consecutive discharges before its reservoir is exhausted. Everything has to be in exact working order at precisely the right time. A lot of equipment and action for a little one-inch bug! One VERY unique beetle out of the 290,000 kinds! Truly a miracle creation from God.

The Bombardier Beetles live on the surface of the ground, over which they run swiftly. They live as scavengers on decaying flesh of dead animals. They work in pairs to form manure into balls in which the female lays its eggs. All beetles have four stages: egg, larva, pupa, adult.

Those scientists who have theories that everything evolved from something else are ridiculous claiming the Bombardier Beetle was a mutation or long series of genetic mistakes from regular beetles. The chemicals, the chambers, the thick-walled space, the muscles control, the communication network -- all these had to work together immediately; not gradual changes.

I don't understand how anyone who studies bugs, birds or animals, could believe they happened accidentally on the earth--like through the Big Bang explosion. Can't you see a Master Mind in the creation of this Bombardier Beetle? Fossils have never shown any evolving stages. While reading of other kinds of bugs at the library, I notice they all have different designated life patterns. They perform exactly the same things in the same way as when God created them. This is true of all animals. Only in humans are there changes in life styles and progress.

I believe the Bible and that God created man in His image after His likeness (Genesis 1:26) and "breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul" (Genesis 2:7). Jesus said, "fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul" (Matt.10:28) I have read that this new study of DNA will definitely cancel the theories of evolution.

Marilyn vos Savant has the highest IQ in the world. I enjoy her answers to questions in the Parade Magazine section of the Sunday Chronicle. On June 6, 2004, Allan Katz asked:

"Which is greater, the collective weight of all the human beings on Earth or that of all the insects?" She replied: "Humans are easily outweighed by insects: Their biomass is about 29 times greater. We are even outweighed by ants! Ants alone make up 15% to 20% of the entire land-dwelling animal biomass (which includes insects) of the planet. For every one of us, about 200 million insects exist!" WOW!!! Makes the war on mosquitoes seem futile.

I testify God is real in my life. "Happenings" are not a series of coincidences. Good things don't happen to me because I did something good; but because God is good. God is love.

It was 11:00 the morning of August 12. I had just put a box of "Happenings" in my car for mailing at the Post Office. I walked down my driveway to pick up my morning paper. Another huge tree limb about 12 feet long had fallen into the street. It was six inches in diameter where it broke away from the Live Oak tree beside my driveway. I asked myself, "What am I going to do about this? Who can help me?" Almost immediately, a pick-up truck swirled around the corner and stopped beside my driveway. James, a mechanic at Adolf Hoepfl & Son's Garage, emerged with a hatchet in hand. "What are you doing here?" I asked. "I came to cut up your tree!" I said, "I just now walked out to get my paper. I had no idea this limb had fallen! I'm amazed at the timing of our meeting. You are Mr. Wonderful!" James came by to take my neighbor to the garage to pick up her car which they repaired. He asked Mr. Hoepfl for an hour off work, so he could cut up my tree! The next day, I went to see Mr. Hoepfl and thanked him for letting James help me. Both of these men are special in my life. They love the Lord.

God is good, every day. Have you received your blessing today? Talk to Him. He loves you!

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