Childrens Story

It’s vacation time! When I think of “vacation,” I think of adventures…new and exciting places. God made a beautiful world for us to live in. There are hills and mountains, valleys and ravines, lakes and ponds, oceans and rivers, caves and cliffs—just all kinds of places to explore. Also, there are bugs, snakes, animals; flowers, cactus, water lilies; trees and underbrush; birds. If you know you will see any of these things on a trip, get out the encyclopedia and read about it first. Then it will give you more things to look for, as well as seeing what you have read about.

Do you keep a journal? It’s kinda like a diary, except you write about experiences and memories you want to keep. Special moments when you were very, very happy or even times you were sad. Journals are usually bound books. These are great to read years from now, or when you want to write a story about a vacation, you’d already have good first hand information written in your journal. You don’t write in them every day—just special days.

I kept diaries about daily happenings in my life from age 10 to 16. One day I was writing a story about floods in Houston. I remembered that the only day in my life I skipped school was when we had a flood. All my friends wanted to enjoy the deep waters that day. So we didn’t go to school. We swam in underpasses! We felt guilty because we were doing something wrong. However, we got lucky because the teachers figured that kids who did not go to school couldn’t get there because of the deep water; so they didn’t need a note from parents about being absent!. I didn’t like the guilty feeling I had; so I never did that again. I wrote about it in my diary and it was a big help in my story years later; especially when I couldn’t remember the date of the flood.

There were nine kids in my family—I was the oldest. When we traveled to visit relatives on vacations, we liked to play games. Before we left home, we made lists of things we MIGHT see, and the first one to see something on that list got a point. When we reached our destination, the one with the most points won the game. Everyone suggested things like a cow. horse, chickens, black dog, out of state license plates, church, drug store, two cats together, girl in a red dress, boy with a baseball cap on his head, and other things.

A fun game is called “The Minister’s Cat.” You choose a letter to describe the cat. Everyone takes a turn. If you can’t think of a word, you drop out. The last one in the game wins. For instance, if you choose the letter “F,” you could say: The minister’s cat is a funny cat…is a fluffy cat…is a fraidy cat…is a fussy cat. Get the picture? The game was played in the movie musical “Scrooge.”

Another variation is to use the alphabet. Decide if you can skip Q, X and Z. You

can use food: the minister’s cat loves to eat apples, bananas, cheese, donuts, etc. You can

use cities: the minister’s cat is going to Angleton, Baytown, Corpus Christi, Dallas, etc. It’s a family game that everyone can play (Mom and Dad, too). You can make up ways to play it.

The Bible verse I chose for this month is Galatians 2:20, “I LIVE; YET NOT I, BUT CHRIST LIVETH IN ME.” This verse is VERY precious to me. At age 17, I was teaching a Sunday School class of 10 year old girls. This was one of the highlights of my life. We had

an organization meeting to choose our class name, colors, flower, song and Bible verse which would be our goal. We chose Galatians 2:20 for our Bible verse. It has been my life-long challenge. I’m still trying to live up to that verse. I had given my heart to Jesus , and

promised to follow His teachings so others could see that I am a Christian without my

telling them. It’s like the song, “Let Others See Jesus in You.”

Have you prayed to Jesus, asking Him to come into your heart?

He’s the best friend you could ever have. He loves you. He’ll never leave

you, but will help you with all your problems. Talk to Him in prayer every day.

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