Last February, the temperature was in the chilling 30s. The icy rain was falling heavily upon my roof. I felt warm and cozy inside my comfortable home. I am blessed! It was 2:00 A.M., my usual bedtime. I had just finished reading the Houston Chronicle and placed it on the TV tray beside my recliner. I released the footrest of the Lazy Boy and leaned forward to arise. I immediately scooted back into the chair, legs tucked under me. There just a foot away in front of me on the floor was a healthy, fat wiggly reddish brown, ballet performing, 6-inch earthworm! He seemed to be tied up in knots, yet could throw himself out and draw in from a pile of self.

"How in the world did YOU get in my house?" I asked. "No earthworm has ever come in before. Why me? What am I going to do with you?" He was blocking my exit. I would have to step over him to leave my recliner. He continued the incredible ballet performance as I contemplated his fate. There's ten feet of concrete from the two outside doors before reaching grass to put him out. From the kitchen door, the grassy area is beyond an added double concrete driveway. I didn't want to go out there. It's too cold; and raining. Besides, the earthworm would freeze to death before he could burrow into the ground. Only one thing to do: scoop him up and flush him! Do earthworms swim? Maybe. I don't know. Flush five more times. If he swims, he'll come up in someone else's bathroom!

I got out my encyclopedia. I didn't know earthworms do not have eyes! No wonder they don't slither away. Neither do they have ears! They couldn't do their work if they kept getting dirt in their eyes and ears! God created them to move the dirt. Otherwise, the ground would be so hard that it couldn't be cultivated.

Earthworms have a mouth, ten hearts and a gizzard. Lacking lungs or gills, they breathe through their skin. Would you believe: each worm has two sets of sexual reproductive organs, both male and female? But, they must mate with another worm to fertilize their eggs!

OH! Now I know why God put him in my house: My curiosity! Homosexuality is such an abomination to the Lord that He wouldn't allow it as a lifestyle for even a lowly worm, especially one that was created blind and deaf (from the Bible: "Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is an abomination" [Leviticus 18:22]). Other Scriptures are Genesis 1:27-28 and 2:18,21-25,29,30; Romans 1:17-28,32; I Corinthians 6:9-11.

Mating takes two to three hours after warm spring rains or during early morning or late evening! They crawl half out of their burrow and lie together in pairs so their heads point away from each other. Just behind the organs of the earthworm's body is a clitellum (band or cufflike structure) surrounding the body. They hook up deep into the underside here where the eggs are laid and fertilized. Secretion from both surround them in a mucous tube and begins to harden, closing the saclike structure, making an envelope where the eggs are sealed. As the earthworms move, the cuff slides along the body and over the head. It closes completely around the eggs to make a saclike cocoon. The babies develop inside without passing through a larval stage. After two or three weeks, one to five young worms, less than an eighth of an inch long, hatch out.

God blessed the water creatures, the fowls, beasts and cattle, and every thing that creepeth upon the earth. "God blessed them saying, Be fruitful and multiply" (Genesis 1:20-25).

Earthworms have segments which divide the body into 92 rings, larger in front tapering off to flatter rings in the tail, each with a tiny pair of kidneys. Movement comes from four double rows of bristles, two underneath and one on each side of the body. Two muscles, one the length of the body and the other encircling the body moves the worm as it forms a burrow. Sense cells (spots) on each segment of the body distinguish between light and darkness, sounds and odors. They reach their full growth in two years, which can rarely reach 12 inches long in America. In Australia and South America, they may grow five feet long!!!!!

Their purpose in life is not only to supply fish bait but also to burrow the soil, loosening up the top 12 to 18 inches, lacing it with air holes and moisture. When it rains, they retreat to the burrows, after blocking the openings with bits of leaf or other available material. An acre of garden averages about 53,000 earthworms who eat their way through some ten tons of soil every year! Their castings (excrement and digested soil) not only fertilize the ground, but builds it up. Birds and moles are their principal enemies. Most of their body parts are up front, followed by a long tail. If they lose any part of the tail, they grow another one.

How did he get in my house? When the place where they live becomes overcrowded with their own kind, earthworms migrate. They wait for a damp or rainy night, come to the surface, and crawl considerable distances in search of a new home. Their greatest danger then is that the sun will rise on them while they are crossing some surface into which they cannot dig (like concrete areas), for then their skins may become dry and they perish. It had been raining the night and morning when my paper was delivered. Being sightless, the earthworm crawled into the plastic newspaper covering where he was imprisoned. With my umbrella, I walked out to the front yard, retrieved my paper, and stood it up on end in the garage to drip. At midnight, I brought the paper inside to read it. I pulled off the plastic cover and VERY luckily (unknown to me) flung the earthworm onto the carpeting. I shudder to think about spilling him in my lap!

Perhaps most scientists are atheists. They don’t believe anything they cannot see or have material proof of. Their works are theories, speculation, a mere conjecture or guess when they are dealing with God's creations. An amazing number of them have published testimonies that God is real. When they study creations and see all the intrinsicalness, they have to admit there must be a supernatural power involved. With only one exception, ALL animal life created by God has the same lifestyle as the day He made them. Man is the only exception.

I have no problem believing the Bible as God's written word for His creation of the universe, our earth, and all living things. To me, "The Big Bang Theory" is ridiculous. So are all of Charles Darwin's ideas of evolution. The guesses that the earth is billions of years old is from chemical tests such as Calcium-Argon test. God didn't have to wait all those years for coal or chemicals to be in the ground--He created the earth with coal and chemicals already there. Scientists who will not accept supernatural revelation, do not have a beginning date…only their theories. Darwin was classified as a student rather below the common standard in intellect. He spent five years on the British naval vessel Beagle surveying expedition (Dec. 1831- Oct.1836) gathering an enormous amount of scientific data on plants and animals in South America, New Zealand, Australia and islands. Then, he spent the next 20 years working out detailed accounts of HOW nature MIGHT have brought about gradual changes--the germ of the theory of evolution. His son said, "I think doggedness expresses his frame of mind almost better than perseverance. Perseverance seems hardly to express his almost fierce desire to force the truth to reveal itself." His book, "The origin of Species" in 1859 brought a storm of mingled praise and abuse.

Joshua, Moses' successor who led the Israelites into the Promised Land, expressed it best for me when he said, "…choose you this day whom ye will serve…but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord" (Joshua 24:15). I love the thought of God: "Come and dwell in mine house with me, until I go to dwell in Thine house with Thee."

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