Easter 2005

Debbie (of Allen Office Supply) called to tell me she had a box of greeting cards to give me. She gives me "freebies" that come in the mail, knowing I send out lots of cards every month. "I hate to throw them away, and there are more than I can use," she said. It was Dec. 1, and my car license was renewable in November. Since the court house was on the way, I went there first. Not one handicap parking space available! None other close. I drove too far down the lot for me to walk. I'd try later; and went to see Debbie and her father, Allen Lowery. This family were our across-the-street neighbors when we lived in Hidden Valley. Chris and Ding were our backdoor neighbors. Chris died November 21st, and since none of the Lowerys were at her funeral, I made a copy of the two brochures of her memorial service on the 27th to give them. We visited about an hour, recalling the good old days, and updating news of our families.

When I returned to the court house, there were four parking places and the fourth one was beside the sidewalk that led to the entrance! "Thank you, Jesus. You take care of all my needs."

When we joined Garden Oaks Baptist Church, Julia, my Sunday school teacher, said the pastor often quoted: "God is never early; God is never late; God is always on time to do that which is right for His children. God is too good to do wrong--and He is too wise to make a mistake." God knew I should go see Debbie first, before stopping for the car license. It was near noon, and Debbie may have had lunch plans. If so, I would have missed visiting with her and telling her about Chris; updating her on the family; praising God that Chris did get to go to Holland and visit with her family this summer, even though she was very ill. God is good.

Wanda sent me an article from the International Mission Board from which I quote:

"We often think of North America as 'Christian.' But an estimated 235 million people in our 'Samaria' have no personal relationship with Jesus Christ. That is seven out of 10 people! In this modern-day Samaria, lostness runs deep, and the gospel often meets a calloused response."

This saddened my heart. I would never have thought of this ratio. The last words of Jesus before He ascended into Heaven were from Matthew 28:19,20: "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations…teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you." We must keep telling the story. It is not our responsibility to make it acceptable; it is our duty to make it available. Psalm 73 begins with "TRULY GOD IS GOOD" and ends with verse 28, "IT IS GOOD FOR ME TO DRAW NEAR TO GOD: I HAVE PUT MY TRUST IN THE LORD GOD, THAT I MAY DECLARE ALL THY WORKS." In between, "I AM CONTINUALLY WITH THEE: THOU HAST HOLDEN ME BY MY RIGHT HAND. THOU SHALT GUIDE ME WITH THY COUNSEL, AND AFTERWARD RECEIVE ME IN GLORY." Beautiful!

All my writings of "Happenings" in my life are true and are intended to give you faith, hope and inspiration to live closer to God. I hope they help encourage more prayers and bring peace and tranquility into your life. May they be reminders of God's love, His guidance for good happenings, and His many blessings He gives to you. God works miracles in lives every day.

God loved

the people

of this world so much that He gave His only Son,

so that everyone who has faith in Him

will have

eternal life

and never

really die.

(John 3:16)

( CEV )

There is a song with words, "How can you look in His (Jesus') tear-stained eyes, knowing it's you He's thinking of? Could you tell Him you're not ready to give Him your life? That you don't think you need His love?" When He was on the cross, I was on His mind. So were you.

I love everything MAX LUCADO writes. Here are some excerpts from his book, "He Chose Nails:"

"When asked to describe the width of His love, Jesus stretched one hand to the right and the other to the left and had them nailed in that position so you would know He died loving you.

"Run your thumb over the tip of the spear. Balance a spike in the palm of your hand. Read the wooden sign written in your own language. And as you do, touch the velvet dirt, moist with the blood of God…Blood He bled for you…The spear He took for you…The nails He felt for you…The sign He left for you…He did ALL of this for you. Knowing this, KNOWING ALL HE DID FOR YOU THERE, DON'T YOU THINK HE'LL LOOK OUT FOR YOU HERE?"

Lucado takes us to the foot of the cross. We are there on the hill, Golgotha. He writes:

"The hill is quiet now. Not still, but quiet. For the first time all day there is no noise…one by one the onlookers turned and began the descent…That is, all the onlookers except you and me. We did not leave.
"We came to learn. And so we lingered in the semi-darkness and listened. We listened to the soldiers cursing, the passersby questioning, and the women weeping. But most of all, we listened to the trio of dying men groaning. Hoarse, guttural, thirsty groans…As Jesus gave His final breath, the earth gave a sudden stir. A rock rolled, and a soldier stumbled. Then, as suddenly as the silence was broken, the silence returned."

Many years ago, the Norton Ditto company published an announcement, two columns wide and nine inches long in the Houston Chronicle. No mention of the type of business (mens' clothing)--their name; and address at the bottom was 910 Travis at Walker & Post Oak Shopping Center; 7 digit phone number. Today, they are at 2454 Alabama (per phone book). The message:

"Christ is alive. The evidence is overwhelming. Here are some of the reasons we can be so sure:

1. Jesus predicted His resurrection (John 2:18-22 & Matthew 16:21).

2. The Old Testament prophesied it (Psalm 16:10).

3. The tomb was empty and the grave clothes vacant (John 20:3-9).

4. Many people saw the resurrected Christ (I Corinthians 15:3-8).

5. Men and women today testify that the power of the risen Christ has transformed their lives.

Jesus said, 'I AM THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE; HE WHO BELIEVES IN ME SHALL LIVE EVEN IF HE DIES' (JOHN 11:25). Trust Jesus. He is our living Savior."

No one asked you if you wanted to be born. You had no choice. But you do have a choice to be "born again." If you do not believe in Hell, you will when you get there. It is either Heaven or Hell, black or white, rejoicing or trembling. There is no greater miracle. If you are not a believer, I beg of you to pray: "Lord Jesus, I come to You because I need You; because I am a sinner. Forgive me; cleanse me with Your blood; set me free from my bondage. Come into my heart and receive me as my Saviour. I give You my life, my heart, my all. Fill me with Your Spirit. Let me feel I am born again, and I will love You and serve You the rest of my life." This will be the most important prayer you'll ever pray in all your life. You'll be different. Slowly you'll change. If you prayed that prayer and meant it, you will go to Heaven -- for SURE . In Isaiah 43:25-26, "I, EVEN I, AM HE THAT BLOTTETH OUT THY TRANSGRESSIONS FOR MINE OWN SAKE, AND WILL NOT REMEMBER THY SINS. PUT ME IN REMEMBRANCE: LET US PLEAD TOGETHER: DECLARE THOU, THAT THOU MAYEST BE JUSTIFIED."

Read your Bible every day. My favorite translation is "The Living Bible" by Tyndale.

Pray every day. Welcome the Holy Spirit in your life. Find a good church and go every Sunday.

Jesus came from Heaven to earth so that we could go from earth to Heaven.

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