Grandparents Day

The greeting card companies have designated September 11 as "Grandparents' Day."

All grandparents were first, parents. In May, we had "Mother's Day;" in June, "Father's Day."

I don't see the necessity for "Grandparents' Day." Is it to stimulate the economy? Does it imply purchasing gifts and greeting cards? Didn't Grandma and Grandpa just receive gifts and cards in May and June? Jack and I attended Grandparents' Day program at school which turned into a fund raiser. One classroom was turned into an art gallery with crayon and water color pictures on display to be purchased by grandparents at their designated value. Since we had five grand- children, we valued their artwork at $5.00 each. They have been on exhibition as backdrops in the den trophy case since about 1990.

How about Grandparents' Day being a day they get the grandchildren? To take on a picnic; go to the zoo; swimming in the Galveston bay; play miniature golf; movie; carnival. I'd like that! I really enjoy having fun with mine. I love the Scripture, II Timothy 1:3-5, from a letter Paul is writing to Timothy: "I thank God, whom I serve from my forefathers with pure conscience, that without ceasing I have remembrance of thee in my prayers night and day; greatly desiring to see thee…when I call to remembrance the unfeigned faith that is in thee, which dwelt first in thy grandmother Lois, and thy mother Eunice; and I am persuaded that in thee also." That is beautiful! I pray for my grandchildren, calling each name out to God to meet their needs. I write letters to them every month, including a Scripture and sharing my adventures with God. They are much loved. Their mother, Wanda, and I share our faith and answered prayers with them. When they were little children, it was wonderful to walk in their home and listen to them singing songs about Jesus. I remember when Jessica was about 18 months old. We were in Luby's having lunch. She sat in a highchair and began singing "Amen. Amen. Amen" over and over again between bites of food. All the surrounding diners were smiling.

David, age 10, was in a heap of trouble when I returned from errands. Rachel had friends who had spent the night. The children greeted me with "David did it." I asked him to go with me upstairs to his room. I knew his sisters and friends wanted to hear what I had to say; but I also knew this was between David and me. He didn't need the embarrassment of my reprimand in "public." We talked, sitting on the side of his bed. We said a prayer. He said, "Grandma, I won't do that anymore." He wiped away tears.

"That's easy for you to say," I answered. "How do I know you mean it?"

"Because I love you," and he gave me a big hug. Last Christmas, at age 16, as the family sat around the tree, David told us he prayed to Jesus to become his Lord and Savior; to forgive his sins; that he will live for Jesus according to His teachings the rest of his life.

Jessica, age 18, working and going to college, called me and said, "Grandma, I've just got to find another job. Minimum wage at Brake-Check just doesn't pay my bills."

"Talk to God about it," I told her. "He knows your needs, but He wants to hear about them from you. I'll pray, too. God has a better job for you. He'll lead you to it." Six weeks passed. She needed two new tires for her car. Her dad gave her $l50., saying she'd have to find two tires for that price. She began searching. Pepboys Auto wanted $200. Brake-Check wanted $l65. She went to Firestone. I received a telephone call from a very excited Jessica. She said, "The man at Firestone asked if we'd met. I told him I worked at Brake-Check. He said, 'That's where I saw you. You fixed my brakes. I have an opening here, if you're interested. I've interviewed three people, but don't know anything about how they work. I know you do good work.' Grandma, the job pays $4.00 more an hour! I wasn't even looking for a job, and got one! He let me have the 2 new tires for $l55." We both praised the Lord for answered prayers.

When Jessica was 12, her English assignment was to "write about a special person in your life." This is what she wrote:

"A special person in my life is my grandma. She is very nice, caring, and loving. My grandmother is always here to take care of us when my mom is out of town. One time when I was very sick with a high fever, she took very good care of me while my mom was at work. Everything I ate or drank I threw up within five minutes. But I was having to stay in the bathroom a lot, we didn't have anything I could carry around with me to throw up in. So my grandma went to the store to buy something of that sort. After that I could enjoy more than the bathroom's scenery. Thanks to the help from my Grandmother (and of course my mom helped too), I was well sooner than expected. She and my mom both took very good care of me. Also, whenever my mom goes out of town, she comes over and takes care of everyone (me, my three sisters, and one brother.). She takes us to practices, etc. of the normal things my mom would do.

My grandma is very special to me and I don't know anyone as kind, loving, and as forgiving as my grandmother."

No, I didn't stick it on the refrigerator, but have kept it in my desk drawer to read and enjoy from time to time!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel was 19; attending college in Austin, Texas; answering ads for part-time work. She called me to say she had a job as baby-sitter. Her employer was owner of a large advertising company. We were both elated because Rachel is majoring in Advertising! We talked about having a personal relationship with God; talking to Him everyday; being aware of His plans.

When Sarah was 17, she was on a mission trip with a group of teens from church. She wrote me the following letter:

"Hi! I have so much to write! The L.A. Mission trip was great. Thank you, again, so much for helping me to go. I lead a little girl to Christ and prayed the "Sinner's Prayer" with her -- the first time I've ever done that with someone else!...........I also had the opportunity to go on a mission trip to Matamores, Mexico. We stayed (slept) at the Way of the Cross Ministry's Mission in Harlingen, Texas and we drove across the border each day. It was awesome……I just read your letter that you sent me…….It reminded me of something that happened on my Mexico trip. One of the big annoyances of the less glamorous trip was all the bugs. There were bugs EVERYWHERE! After the first day, our youth group pastor (who was leading the trip) decided that he was going to pay to get the Mission exterminated (because he has an extreme dislike for bugs). Well, it was great that day; but the day after it was exterminated, the bugs were back. That next day, our pastor made a comment, jokingly about the uselessness of the extermination. Well, two days later in the trip, our last night in Mexico, the leader of the Mission (he started the Mission Ministry), we were talking in groups, and while he was leading our group, he mentioned that he had witnessed to the exterminator when he came and that the exterminator had accepted Christ! I was amazed and overjoyed. How often do we think something was done in vain when really, it was all part of God's plan! Your letter made me think of that…………I love you so much, Grandma. Love, Sarah Jones."

Isn't it wonderful to hear your grandchildren tell you something the Lord has done for them?

Jennifer was 16 when I had my 75th birthday party in our church gym. Helium filled balloons were everywhere: tied to the backs of chairs, in clusters as table centerpieces. After the party, I told the children they could take all the balloons they wanted home with them. I was talking with a group of people when Jennifer came beside me holding a big bouquet of balloons. She whispered, "Grandma, I want to tell you something." We left the group, and walked over to an isolated place. She said, "Remember, you told me it was more blessed to GIVE than to Receive? Well, a little girl let go of her balloon and it flew up to the ceiling. She began crying. So I gave her mine. Then, another girl was trying to get into her car with these balloons, and they wouldn't fit. So she gave them to me! I gave away my ONE, and look what I got." I hugged her, and told her "God is good. He loves you."

I read this in a magazine: "One hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove…but the world may be a different place because I was important in the life of a child." What a challenge! I love it.

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