March 2011 90th Birthday Party and Attic Clean-out

"O Lord of hosts, blessed is the man that trusteth in Thee" (Psalm 84:12).

In December 2010, What-A-Burger celebrated the "Twelve Days of Christmas" by having a free food item for inside diners on each of the twelve days. Wanda asked, "Mom, what shall we have for lunch today? What-A-Burger has free chicken nuggets. Want to go there?"

"YES!" Much to our surprise when we arrived, today was free French fries! The chicken nuggets were for tomorrow! We didn't want French fries! Wanda asked, "Where, now?"

"I have a buy-one-get-one-free coupon for hamburgers at Miller's. They make the best hamburgers in the neighborhood since Doyle's Steak House closed."

"Great! Let's go there."

The cook prepared our order, placed it on a serving tray, and handed it to us across the counter as she announced the price, $l7.79.

"$17.79?" Wanda and I chorused in unison. Wanda said, "We had a buy-one-get-one-free

coupon." I spoke, "Yes. What happened to my coupon?"

The cook retrieved the sales slip from my hand and explained: "Here's the first item, a minus $4.00 for a regular hamburger; then, you ordered two deluxe hamburgers with double meat, cheese and bacon, two large servings of onion rings, and two sodas…total, $l7.79."

As we took the tray, and sat down at a nearby table, Wanda said, "I wonder what the FREE chicken nuggets will cost us tomorrow!" We have SO much fun!

She and Dexter have been living with me since August 1st. They leased out their home in Tampa, Florida and have been trying to purchase another within 20 minutes of their country club golf course for their retirement years. It is not easy to purchase real estate in Florida these days. They found the home of their dreams, and put down earnest money. The banker handling the foreclosure sale predicted it would take three months to close the deal. It took SEVEN! I didn't mind at all. I enjoyed having them living with me. I thought it was a good setup.

The home has six bedrooms, 6-1/2 bathrooms; a six-car garage with paved parking area for 25 guest cars. The house has a wrap-around covered porch so you can sit anywhere when it is raining and enjoy the scenery on three acres of gorgeous landscaped grounds. It is built twelve feet from ground level for flood protection. Winding steps lead down to a lagoon…just out of this world wonderful. All my children and grandchildren plan to spend Christmas there.

Wanda and I share many talents. Among them, party planning and writing. Her ministry, G.O.L.F. (Gift of Life Fellowship) is writing Bible studies. Some are sent to incarcerated teens.

She was talking with her doctor about the importance of good nutrition. They decided she should write a booklet about this to be given to his patients. I proofread her work before finalizing to print. I'm reading at 3:a.m. when everyone is sleeping. I thought they'd all wake up from my loud laughter! I read: "Always keep a few healthy SNAKES around. They are nutritious, delicious and inexpensive!"

The next morning, I teased, "How do you tell if a snake is healthy? It really never mattered to me. I always wanted them dead!" We laughed about this for DAYS! The computer doesn't care if you write "snacks" or "snakes" -- just spell it correctly! For a couple of years, I had a great part-time job proof-reading articles, and books, written by members in my writing club. Then, someone invented Spell Check, and I wasn't needed anymore!

All plans for my No. 90 birthday party were made by Wanda. She kept all she could from me for surprises. She handed me a piece of paper, about 4-1/2"x6" and said, "I want you to write your life story on this page! Do you know any funny stuff about being 90?"

"You mean like if you take a laxative before going to bed, don't take a sleeping pill?"

"Yeah!" I didn't know until party time that she was making a booklet for all my guests. On the cover was my portrait in a colorful frame of flowers. Even though the invitation said "No gifts, please," I must tell you about one of the most fabulous and thoughtful gifts I ever received. By age 90, you'd think there couldn't be a surprise present! It arrived on my birthday, Feb. 3rd.

My doorbell rang. When I opened the door, the FedEX truck was leaving my driveway. A package leaned up against the wall. I measured it later: 8"x5-1/2" (the size of half this page, cut across the middle!) and 55" tall! My thought: "What in the world could be in a box this size?"

The words FRAGILE at the top and PERISHABLE near the bottom added to the mystery. The return address was "FTD.COM in Melbourne, Florida." Opposite this was "Actual Weight: 9 lbs." I am really in a state of perplexity! I laid it across my kitchen counter top. It took my best scissors to cut through the plastic binding tape sealing the box in three sections. Opening the package revealed the most gorgeous partially opened bright red 3-1/2" tall rosebud I've ever seen. The stem was 47" long!

Also, inside a black box was a lovely 33-inch tall crystal bud vase with a 4"x4" base. Finally, I found a small white envelope with a message inside: "To YOU on your VERY SPECIAL birthday!!!! Happy 90th!!! All our love, Franzi and Connie." -- friends from Canada.

It was the TALK of my party. 96 guests signed the register. They ALL had to see the rose, now opened, 5" across, a brilliant red velvet rose in the crystal vase. It was placed beside my chair at one end of the entertainment center, where I greeted my guests. (It lasted two weeks!).

Wanda, Dortha, Dale and Rachel decorated the church Fellowship Hall with hundreds of dinner-plate size flowers all over the walls. From the entire ceiling, were hanging spirals with flowers on the ends. It was very colorful! The dining tables had rainbow colors of tablecloths. Down the middle were "vines" of glittering greenery and tiny flowers. A centerpiece on each table was a bouquet of more flowers like a fountain.

Wanda and Rachel prepared all the food: Tuna fish salad inside wheat rolls; meatballs in special red sauce; Garden of Eatin Soup (lots of veges plus 15 kinds of beans); fresh vegetable trays with cheese slices; platters of grapes. The Banana Pudding Cake came from House of Pies.

I received 126 birthday cards, and nearly every one of them contained a letter or writing all over the left side and back. I must be the luckiest girl in the whole world to be so blessed; so loved. God is my daily companion. I am constantly aware of His goodness toward me, walking beside me all through my days. The Bible is the oldest book on earth. Proved historically correct. Indisputable! Darwin's theory gets more ridiculous every day. How could ANYONE believe in the "Big Bang" theory? It's like believing if you put a lot of screws, nuts, bolts in a washing machine and turn it on, you will eventually have a computer, or an automobile!

There are zillions of mountainous "rocks" floating around in the sky -- all in their own individual orbit, swirling around since forever. I have seen comparisons to size, like if the object is as large as this sheet of paper, our earth is the size of the period at the end of this sentence.!. And yet, we are safe from collisions with all those stars and planets floating around, that could easily squash us! Recently, in the newspaper, NASA received photos from the Hubble Space Telescope showing a newly discovered region, a galaxy, 13.2 billion light-years away. This newest telescope is capable of peering deeper into the universe than ever before. This most distant object ever seen is so far away, it took its light 13.2 billion years to reach earth!!! That would mean, there's no telling what it really looks like today! How BIG is the Universe? Where is the End? The Beginning? Heaven? The stars we see may not really be there because it takes so long for their lights to reach us!

With all these "rocks" floating around in the sky, there is only one EARTH, with people on it. God "spoke" it into being. The greatest gift, the most precious gift, you'll ever receive is the gift of His Son Jesus to everyone who will believe. To us believers, Jesus gives eternal life, to live forever in Heaven with Him, with God our Heavenly Father. There are documented witnesses to His death, burial and resurrection. Yet in some places on earth, you can be killed for repeating Words of Jesus in John 14:6, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." I love the Book of JOHN…the Words of Jesus, my Savior.

"Dear God, let me serveYou faithfully. I am excited to spend my 90th year witnessing withYou."

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