Baybrook Mall - Nuclear Heart Test

"For He shall give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways" (Psalm 91:11).

From 3:30 until 9:00 p.m. July 14, 2004, I lived the promises of this Scripture. We get discouraged from watching TV news and reading the newspapers about the wicked people around us. But on this day, "angel" people surrounded Ronnie and me. Ethel Rose was vacationing with her family in Colorado and I was taking care of Ronnie at their home this past week. I took him to see his doctor in Pearland, TX at 3:30. Last month, the iron cage and 22 pins were removed from his leg and foot. This was replaced by a full left leg support (brace). Today, Dr. Torres removed this apparatus. PRAISE GOD! His leg is free! He must walk on crutches for another month, testing his weight on the rebuilt foot throughout the day. He could wear wide "slip-on" shoes which could be purchased at Rockport Shoe Store in Baybrook Mall on the Gulf Freeway. Healing has been slow these past 14 months since he fell from the ladder.

We were in unfamiliar territory in Pearland. The doctor's office was on Broadway (Hwy 518) which Ronnie said would lead us to I-45 (Gulf Freeway). We didn't know if the mall would be left or right of the freeway. We kept driving through Pearland, and now through Friends- wood. At a stop light, I blew the horn, rolled down my window and asked the lady passenger in the pickup truck to my right if this road led to the Gulf Freeway. She said, "Yes." I said, "Thank you. We must find Baybrook Mall to buy special shoes for my son." The light changed and I drove on. At the next light, I was three cars from the intersection. The pickup truck was in the turning lane behind the car beside me. The lady jumped out of the truck and ran up to my window. She said, "You must turn left at this light to go to Baybrook Mall. You can cut in front of us. Turn left at the next light; left again on Bay Area Boulevard which will lead to the Mall."

"You are so kind!" I exclaimed. "Thank you! Thank you!" The light changed, and someone began honking at us! I turned in front of the pickup truck, as directed.

The lady in the pickup was an "angel!" I marveled at the timing and my location when I asked her for help. How many people would have cared, or been so helpful?

We followed her perfect directions. The Gulf Freeway was no where in sight, but we were at the back door of the Mall! A security guard was patrolling just ahead. I drove beside her and sounded my horn. I asked if she could tell me the nearest entrance to the Rockport Shoe Store; that my son was on crutches and couldn't walk too far. She told me how to get there and gave me a map of the layout of all the businesses. Another "angel!"

I've never been to a more secure place. You cannot drive up to a store entrance and enter this shopping center. A wide circular drive surrounds it. You park away from the buildings and enter through long narrow hallways. Some zig-zag, like a maze, before you see the stores.

The security guard told us of an entrance, not on the map, but a place between two stores like a delivery entrance. When we arrived, there was one handicap parking space by itself. No cars could park on either side of it and a car was backing out making that place for us! Another "angel!" We looked over the delivery entrances and wondered which one we could take, when a man exited a door and walked beside our car. Ronnie asked him if he came out of the door leading to Rockport Shoe store. The man replied, "Sure! Say, that's my store. I just got off work. I work there!" He told us exactly where to go! Angels all around us! Praise God!

The clerk at the Rockport Shoe Store was expecting us -- Ronnie's doctor had called. She brought out 4 boxes of shoes: LOAFERS!!! He could not get his foot in an enclosed shoe. Slip-ons to us meant "sandal-type" with no heel enclosure. The clerk had no idea where we could get such a shoe…suggested we try the internet! Very discouraging. Ronnie bought a $45. pair of Thong shoes, thinking they might be o.k. I had doubts. He was very tired from walking, and I can't walk more than 10 minutes. We couldn't search for shoes. We were a hopeless pair!

We were heading back to the car. We passed "Buckle," a shoe store. They had a big display of similar men's Thongs like the ones we just purchased. I decided to go in and look for sandals. This clerk said they didn't have anything like we needed; but that The Foot Locker had exactly what we wanted: a flat sole with two flaps across the toes fastened with Velcro! Wonderful! Another "angel!" Again, I marveled at the timing. What if she had been waiting on another customer when we walked in? Neither she nor other clerks knew the way to the Foot Locker. However, there was an informational "You Are Here" display near the Food Court, just past Rockport Shoes. On the way, we returned the Thongs. The Foot Locker was the last store on this side of the Mall. Wonderful! It could have been on the other side, so far away we'd have to drive around to another entrance! We were half-way there from the Food Court. I bought Ronnie a Coke and told him to rest at a table while I checked out the Foot Locker for the kind of shoes and his size.

I hadn't walked very far when I thought: "What are you doing? This is how you had your first heart failure--walking too far in the Northwest Mall. I couldn't make it back to my car! Well, I HAVE to do this. I'll walk slowly." I felt very safe in this place. I could relax and not think someone is going to run up behind me and snatch my purse. There's no quick get-away place here! Two malls in my neighborhood are dangerous. One has armed guards on the roofs. Once, a man appeared from nowhere in the parking lot, knocked on my window, just as I got in my car to leave. He was lucky he wasn't wearing size 12 shoes, or I'd have run over his toes in my hurry to back out of my parking space as quickly as possible.

On my way to the Foot Locker, I rounded a curve. There was a Customer Service Booth that had little battery operated cars for mall shoppers! Free! Just what I needed! I drove it to the Foot Locker. Yes! They had what Ronnie needed. I drove up behind him at the Food Court, and shouted, "Taxi, Mister?" It was soooo funny! He couldn't believe his eyes.

Ronnie drove the "car" while I carried his crutches. They were too heavy for me. When we arrived at the Customer Service Booth, I asked if I could leave the crutches there. Yes! We bought the shoes, called "Land Slides" at Foot Locker. Navy blue. Size 12.

At the Customer Service Booth, a security guard carried the crutches and escorted us out of the buildings while Ronnie drove the little car to my car in the parking lot! The guard was a wonderful "angel" to do this for us. We visited for a while. He asked Ronnie what happened to his foot. They discussed retirement and the job market. He told us how to get to the Gulf Freeway. "Thank You, God for Your loving kindness and caring for us."

It was 9:00 when we returned to Ronnie's home. God's angels had really been watching over us all evening. One minute later or earlier, we would have missed the blessings of the car- ing woman on the highway, the informative guard on patrol, the helpful employee from Rockport Shoes, the available and knowledgeable clerk at Buckle shoes, and the kind security guard.

"Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing" (I Thessalonians 5:16,17). Praying is talking to God, which is rejoicing! From the Living Bible, I Thessalonians 5: 16-18: "Always be joyful. Always keep on praying. No matter what happens, always be thankful, for this is God's will for you who belong to Christ Jesus." Ronnie and I prayed that morning that God would be with us all day. When we walk with God, seeking His guidance, He clears the way; walks ahead, preparing a good, safe journey. He shows how much He loves us and cares for us. I send

sentence prayers, thank-you prayers, to Him all during my day.

Psalm 91:11 in The Living Bible: "For He orders His angels to protect you wherever you go."

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