Random Acts of Kindness - February 2010

"Dear Heavenly Father: may I walk in holy worship, genuine obedience,and the glorious fullness of Your Son, Jesus. May Your glory andpleasure be my only cause as I write of our happenings tonight.In Jesus' precious Name, I pray."

The day was November 18, 1992 (per my journal). My husband, Jack was in the Critical Care Unit at Methodist Hospital. Only two familymembers may see him for 20 minutes--no trading-out time--at 8:00 a.m.,2:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.
It is 8:00 a.m. Dortha and I are visiting. The nurse assigned to hiscare joined us in conversation. Jack was hooked up with a lot of tubing and had a tube in his mouth and throat. He couldn't talk; only nod "yes or no". Dortha and the nurse were in constant conversation.Jack was nodding his head up and down now and then seeminglyto enjoy their repertoire. I had not said a word. I looked at mywatch. Fifteen minutes had passed. I fumed! I thought, "WHYis she taking up all our visiting time? She is there all day. Wehave to be at work during the 2:00 visitation, and can't comeback until tonight!" Suddenly, I was bursting with resentment.Just as suddenly, I was filled with warmth and an over-whelming sense of God's presence in my heart. I looked around this room, rows of beds with patients on each side and down the middle -- all on machines with many tubes inserted everywhere -- including their mouths. There's no one else in here for her to talk to. We were the only visitors. She is taking good care of Jack. Now, she's having a break and enjoying talking with Dortha. What a blessing we were just for twenty minutes to a tired, very busy nurse. I could feel the mystery and majesty of God's love in this place. He was revealing a simple truth, the answer I was searching for--a sense of peace and understanding; sharing love, caring with Jack's nurse.

RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS week begins February 15. James wrote (in the Bible)
faith without good deeds is dead, worthless (James 2:17). Jesus said, we are the light of the world (Matthew 5:14), and we lighten its darkness by every good thing we do. I like what Abraham Lincoln said when he was accused of being too soft on his enemies. He replied, "Do I not destroy my enemy when I make him my friend?"

Isn't it fun when you do an act of kindness which is timely? I had made a big batch of brownies when my sisters came over to play Spades. There were more left over than I needed to eat! I called Julie Kay (my across-the-street neighbor) and asked if I could meet her out in the street and give her a plate of brownies. YES! As she crossed the street, she wasn't smiling -- she was laughing. She works for a landscaping company, and designs yards for flowers, trees and shrubs around buildings and homes. She explained, "You'll never believe this! I was working on a design project when I suddenly had a chocolate panic attack! I just HAD to have some chocolate, and I told myself there was none in my whole house. So, forget it. The strong desire persisted until I decided I was going to have to go to Kroger's and buy some candy. Then you called! I can't believe this!"

I'm remembering when I had a husband and children at home. At least once a month, I'd make raisin cinnamon rolls with icing on top. My daughters went to Our Saviour Lutheran School. Some days I'd go over and have lunch with them. The cooks made such delicious cinnamon rolls, I asked for the recipe. They were happy to give it to me. It made 100 rolls. My neighbors were overjoyed on the Saturdays I baked them because I sent them all a pan full.

I was shopping at Northwest Mall. In the food court, a woman sat at a table. Beside her was a baby in a carriage, a beautiful little girl. I had to stop and admire this precious little person.
The woman asked, "Would you like to hold her?" YES! It gave me much pleasure. The baby smiled and cooed in conversation with me. This was a sweet random act of kindness.

My son Ronnie has wonderful neighbors. Clarence lives next door. Random acts of kindness is part of his nature. He has family barbecues on holidays, and always sends two huge plates of food to Ronnie and Ethel. When Ronnie had foot surgery, Clarence often brought supper over; took him to the doctor, and gladly ran errands for groceries and medicines while Ethel was at work. Another neighbor, Larry brought food several days when Ethel had knee surgery. I can't think of any gift greater or more appreciated than this when your neighbor is ill. The good that people do flows out and multiplies from the good that one person does. I have two or three books on Random Acts of Kindness. Be quick to act when God sends you an idea.

I am blessed to have the best neighbors in the world. They are very thoughtful in doing helpful things for me. Ray forbids me to call a repair man before I tell him about a problem that he may be able to fix. He's Mr. Wonderful! He recently fixed a leak at my water meter which had water flowing out in the street, saving me a possible $200. plumbing bill. The Water Dept. sent me a $59. credit on my $100. water bill. I thank God for all my friendly, caring neighbors.

I am blessed. My children and grandchildren are always asking if they can do something for me. I praise God for my well-being, and pray I'll never be a burden to them.

God blesses every one with talents. If you don't think you have one, just ask Him to show you what you can do. Think about all the people in the Bible that He asked to do something, and the excuses they gave! Just like me! He asked me to write; and all that afternoon, I fought the idea. He drew me closer to Him than I ever imagined being. My prayer life blossomed and expanded to deeper reality. My life is filled with perfect peace. He gives me inspiration and insight to our adventures together to share with everyone I can. I give back to him all the blessings others send to me. I pray everyone reading my "happenings" is drawn closer to God thereby. To have a close relationship with God is to truly walk the good life on this earth.

When I became a Christian at age 14, I made a vow to God to live for Him all my life.
My goal immediately was from Galatians 2:20, "I live, yet not I, but Christ liveth in me." I'm still trying to reach that goal. I repeat it often. It's hard. It's difficult. Sin keeps leaking into my life. I go to church. I taught Sunday School 37 years, but I'm still sinful. I take casseroles to the sick and bereaved, but I am still sinful. I'm doing better. Only Jesus can remove my sins of omission and commission when I confess and repent. He shed His blood to pay the penalty for my sins. II Corinthians 5:17,18: "If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. And all things are of God, who hath reconciled us to Himself by Jesus Christ and hath given to us the ministry of reconciliation." God is LOVE.

I must ever be more disciplined to find the right formula. It's a matter of sharing every experience with God throughout the day. When I view spending time with God as a lifestyle, intimacy naturally develops and I grow closer to Him. I live a good life. I'm content; at peace.

NOW FOR AN EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT: I am going to be a great-grandmother in August! I became 89 on the third of February, and I was thinking I'd never get to have a great-grandbaby. There hasn't been a baby in our immediate family since David, and he's 21.
I am the eldest of nine siblings, and all except the two youngest already have great-grandbabies. Some even have great-great-grandbabies. So do most of my friends! Mike and Rachel are the excited parents. They sent me a letter addressed to "Great-grandmother" and inside was an ultra-sound picture of my great-grandbaby. At three months, its head, body and two arms can be seen.

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