"Rats stole $6,000"

I want to tell you a true story about what happened to my friend Jeanette.Her husband, E.A., was a building contractor. He kept a lot of money on hand to buy building materials. One Friday night, he came home with 60 one-hundred-dollar bills--that $6,000.00! He put them in a small Tupperware container and hid it upstairs. Late that night while they were sleeping, they woke up to a lot of racket coming from the attic. E.A. turned on the lamp beside his bed. All was quiet again. Jeanette said, "Sounds like we have rats in the attic. You must get some poison." They went back to sleep. Saturday afternoon, E.A. was going to the store and needed money. He went upstairs. The money was gone! He was devastated. He told Jeanette, "That noise we heard must have been a burglar! My money is gone." They searched around the windows and doors and found them all locked. Jeanette said, "It was rats! I think they stole your money. But they can't bite into plastic. Your money must be in the attic." So E.A. searched the attic, but did not find any money.

Jeanette was a Sunday School teacher. The next day, she taught a lesson about God and animals. She told the students, "God controls animals. We read about this in Psalm 32:9. My husband's money was stolen from our house and we think rats took it--the four-legged kind!!! People who steal are also called rats! Let's pray about it: 'Dear God, you know where our money is. You know how much we need it. Please make the rats bring it back. In Jesus' name. Amen."

We can only imagine what happened with the rats. Their story could go like this:

Mickey and Minnie were playing "chase" in the upstairs bedroom. Mickey was running so fast, and looking back at Minnie, that he ran into a plastic box. "Wow!" he said. "Time out. I hurt my shoulder. What's this box doing here anyway? I've never seen it before."

Minnie looked it over. "Looks like lettuce leaves inside. Yummy! Let's see if we can open it." They chewed all around the edges, but their teeth just slid off the container. They were making a lot of noise pushing the box around. Suddenly, the lights went on downstairs. "Oops!" said Mickey. "We've woken up the man downstairs. Quick: Let's push it into the closet in our favorite hiding place. Then, we must be very, very quiet, in case he comes upstairs."

The next day, Mickey and Minnie very quietly ran out of the house and down the road. They tumbled down a drainage ditch and scurried out on the other side. Hurrying down a row in the cornfield, they came to a big oak tree beside an old barn with lots of hay, and nests where chickens lay their eggs. This was the home of their cousins. They spent the day visiting, and just having so much fun, chasing, hiding in hay, eating corn and wheat. When they returned to their own home at night, they were all tuckered out, and soon went to sleep in the upstairs closet.

Sunday afternoon, they decided to tackle the strange box of "lettuce leaves" again. They were gnawing all around the edges, shoving and pushing. Suddenly, WHAM! The box was pushed under the banister, bounced down the stairs, knocking the lid off, and 100-dollar-bills fanned out like a deck of cards! The mice were astonished.

Jeanette and E.A. were sitting in their recliners reading the Sunday paper. The noise scared them. The papers were crushed as they looked towards the stairs. Unbelievable, that they saw their money thrown down from "heaven." Minnie and Mickey beat it back to their secret nest in the closet, where they stayed the rest of the night. They could hear the happy praises uttered by E.A. and Jeanette as they thanked God for answering their prayers.

God is good. He love us, and answers our prayers. Pray to Him every day. I love you!

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