Ronald Wier's Testimony

Tonight, as I listened to a Billy Graham Classic, he said someone had asked him to run for president of the United States. His reply was, "No, a thousand times NO. I campaign for only one person, Jesus Christ, that you may make Him Lord of your life."

That's the purpose of my writings, that you may draw closer to Jesus. If you have not surrendered your life to Him, that you may do so. I write about my adventures with God every month, and tell of past miracles in answers to prayers and also in just blessings from God. When Jack and I married, we promised God we'd have a Christian home. We began taking our children to Sunday school and church when they were infants. All three became Christians before their teenage years, and serve God faithfully today. Sunday is for worship. We were heavenly blessed.

No, not ALL the time: there were tragedies we suffered; huge problems…just like everyone else. But with God in our midst, they all turned out well by His guidance and His will.

I have written about most of my walks with God. I wrote three "Happenings" on the three times God saved my husband, a submariner during World War II, miraculously escaping death.

Today, I want to give you a testimony written by my son, Ronnie, in his own words, entitled "GOD'S MIRACLES IN MY LIFE." I added a few comments, printed in italics!

He was too young to remember his first miracle. He was only two years old. Fortunately, in 1943, there was not much traffic on our streets. Not every family could afford a car! We were driving somewhere -- Ronnie sitting beside me. This was before air-conditioning, so car windows were always down. Suddenly, as he usually did, he pulled himself up at the window to stand. The door swung open, with him hanging on! I could only speak as calmly as possible, "Hang on, Baby, hang on real tight!" I couldn't slam on my brakes…had to stop kinda slow. He hung on until I could scoot across the front seat and grab him! The people in the car behind me, also stopped and got out of their car. They were as shook-up as I was. He could have fallen out, and they could have run over him! I had placed Ronnie in the car from the driver's side -- not knowing the last person out of Dad's car didn't shut the passenger-side door to close it.


God has brought me through and protected me from a lot of things. It's amazing when I think back on it. I truly believe in guardian angels. When I was about six years old, living with my grandparents, I one day found an old rusty scooter in a vacant lot. It didn't have a handle across the two rods to steer it. I was playing with it, holding onto the straight rods, pushing it along with my foot. The sidewalk had an incline ramp at one place. As I was trying to push it up, the front wheel locked up, and I fell forward onto the two flat rods. It put a hole in my chest. Lucky, it was on the right side, not left. God saved me that time.

Another time, when I was in the U.S. Navy aboard an aircraft carrier, 1960-1964, I was in a bomb magazine supervising as a petty officer the unloading of it. A seaman, instead of walking the bomb on a hoist along the track, he shoved it fast. It was a 250-pound fragmentation bomb. It was coming straight at me. I was standing by the bulkhead (wall). I just knew I was going to die! I was so scared, I couldn't move! It hit a padded waterline pipe. The chain was short enough to where it didn't hit the bulkhead. This was in 1963, unloading for drydock overhaul.

Another accident with the bombs, we had three on a bomb cart to send topside on the elevator. It wasn't all the way in, and when the elevator went upward, it hit and jammed! They didn't go off! Bombs are not stored with the fuses in them, but sometimes, a hard shock could set them off! We had to get the damaged ones off the ship FAST!

Another accident during the unloading of pyrotechnics: We were in the forward hangerbay of the ship. Their magazine was all the way down at the bottom, about seven decks. The cargo net we were using didn't have a safety lock clip on it. The net ring slipped off the hook, and the whole load fell all the way to the bottom, hitting decksand, bouncing off things all the way. This type of ammo, when on fire, cannot be put out! The guys at the bottom dove into the magazine and locked down the door. We, up top, hit the deck! It didn't go off! Saved again! We had to get it all off the ship fast!

Ronnie was serving in Japan when his Navy enlistment of four years was up. He re-enlisted for an additional three months. He was aboard a ship on his way back to the United States from Japan when the war broke out in Viet Nam! He was discharged in California. I am forever thankful to God that Ronnie was not in that war. He missed it by ONE day. Jack served 2-1/2 years in WWII, and I don't know how I could go through that again with my son.

One of the jobs I had when I got out of the Navy was with Gulf Forge Co. I was finished working in the Heat Treating Department, and was inside the door of the next building, talking to the heaterman by the blast furnaces. A set of train tracks runs between the two buildings. Because of the loud noise, we didn't hear the train coming. I don't think it sounded its horn. A manipulating hyster machine that handles the red hot iron was coming with a red hot ring in its jaws, to go across the tracks into the next building to drop it there to cool off. As it was crossing, the train hit it! I didn't have time to run! The heavy counter weight rear end was coming at me. I jumped up and held onto the thick fender. The train pushed it and wedged it cross ways in the door. I was wedged into a six-inch I-Beam of the building! Almost cut in half! They had to get another machine like the one that had me, to get a hold of it, to pull it out. I hung on 'til they carried me to a company pickup and to the hospital. God saved me again! The only thing between your ribs and hip is your backbone. It was just cracked, and my tailbone was bent. The solid wheel pressed my knee and leg. My leg was bruised real bad inside my thighs, and my knee was swelled up the size of a grapefruit for over three months; finally went down on its own. It took time to get over. I didn’t need any surgery. The machine that hit me weighs over 20,000 pounds. I was blessed! The reason they didn't call an ambulance, was because before my accident, a man was run over by one of these machines. It knocked him down and run up one of his legs, then, backed off of it. The man went into shock and died, waiting on the ambulance! They didn't know how bad I was hurt and didn't wait! Two men held me in the seat on the way to the hospital. Heights Hospital was close by. 1966 or 1967.

Ronnie was working on the night shift. I received the call at 4:a.m.; quickly dressed; and rushed to the hospital. I cautioned Ronnie, "You'll be cared for under your company's Workmens Compensation Insurance. So don't let anyone talk you into getting a lawyer." He said, "I already signed papers for a lawyer." I almost had a fit! Under laws at that time, an on-the-job accident was covered by a set-law amount. That's all that could be collected…so no employee needed a lawyer, who would take part of the allowed compensation. The wife of one of the employees that worked with Ronnie was employed by an attorney. She would get a bonus for reporting an accident to her boss. She was there at the hospital with papers to sign before I could get there! I'm still angry about that. The attorney got l/3rd; Ronnie's wife got l/3rd because the divorce wasn't final; and Ronnie got 1/3rd and suffered a year with back problems!

Later, I became an over-the-road 18-wheeler truck driver. One company I worked for was Mission Petroleum. On one of my trips, going out to load, I was on 45 North. I got on the off-ramp to I-610 East. When I came around to it, the traffic was stopped! Construction had a lane closed! I was going too fast empty to stop that quick! I locked up the brakes as hard as I could! The cars were bumper to bumper! If I plowed into them, no telling how many would be hurt! Just before I hit the car in front of me, I stopped! I couldn't believe it! My guardian angel saved me from a very bad accident! I was so scared I could hardly drive for a while.

When I was a driver for Service Transport, on my way loaded to Aberdene, Mississippi,

going out I-10 to I-55 HWY exit, I almost passed it up! I should have went to the next exit and turned around and come back to it. I was going too fast for the sharp horseshoe curve around to I-55! I locked the trailer brakes only going on it. I should have rolled over with a single compartment liquid tank trailer full of acetic acid!! A Super Power saved me again! I still can't believe it! God has a plan for me. He has saved me many times!

I've written this before, but must add it in again: Ronnie was awarded a jacket at the company's annual awards banquet. On the back of the jacket were the words: '' One Million Accident-Free Miles.'' I was bursting with pride! Not many drivers of 18-wheelers, traveling all over the United States, qualify for that award.

In my drinking days, I could have been busted for DWI's. I was let go a couple of different times without charge. One stop, I only got a speeding ticket. Other times, on a motor-cycle and in a pickup truck, I made it home without an accident! I remember a time as soon as I got home and stopped the car, I passed out! God was with me! I had many close calls!

In 1987, God delivered me from ALL drinking and smoking. I haven't touched it since.

I was unaware that my son had a drinking problem. I knew he worked for a company that hired a lot of truck drivers, and I knew that most (maybe ALL) of them met at a beer joint soon as they got off work. But I thought my son went home. One night, we had a family get-together. Ronnie's wife came when she got off work. We expected Ronnie likewise. I think it was about 8:30, when I said, "I can't imagine Ronnie working this late." Someone said, "He's probably at the Navamill." I couldn't believe it: MY son at a beer joint! I dialed their number, explained I was Ronnie's mother and needed to talk to him. He came to the phone. I said, "You're supposed to be here at Dad's with your wife and the rest of the family." He was at Dad's in record time.

I never said anything more to him about this. He quit his job with that company and began working for Mission -- away from the temptation -- going home from work every night. Later, he told me it was a shock to him for me to call him at a beer joint...something he never expected. That was his "wake-up" call. He didn't want me to know. We serve a forgiving God. We may stray, let Him down for whatever our reason, but He awaits with open arms for us to repent.

On February 19, 1997, an X-ray showed I had a tumor in my upper left lung. Three months later, they found two left side brain tumors. I had chemo and radiation; the gamma

knife on my brain. I stood on God's healing Scriptures Word. On January 28, 1998, I went back to work, healed and cancer-free! I'm still free of it.

On May 27, 2003, at 11:a.m., I got up on a 6-foot folding ladder, to trim a tree in my back yard, with a pole saw and branch clipper. While doing it, the ladder fell out from under me. When I hit the ground at an angle, it snapped off my left foot from my leg; shattered the bone like glass! I lost three inches of bone and flesh! I couldn't believe the doctors were able to put it back together! God was with them -- gave them the know-how. I can walk on it without any aid!

Glory to God! He is still in the healing business! He keeps on blessing me, and meeting all of my needs! As we give to Him, He gives back, and takes care of us! I can't thank Him enough for all He has done for me! He is truly worthy of our praise and worship!

-----RON WIER, 5/16/10


When Ronnie gave me the above testimony, he said, "I can't believe how God has saved me so many times. God is good. His blessings just keep coming to me."

My reply, "Did you ever stop to think you have a 'praying mother?' Surely that helps!"

Jesus said, "Love thy neighbor as thyself." Ronnie is always helping his neighbors. When they are ill or on vacation, he cuts their grass. He is their handy-man, working on cars, repairing homes. He keeps busy. He is faithful in church activities. I'm proud of my wonderful, caring son.

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