Traumatic Experiences 1 and 2 - September 2011

Ecclesiastes 7:14 (from The Living Bible by Tyndale), "Enjoy prosperity whenever you can, and when hard times strike, realize that God gives one as well as the other--so that everyone will realize that nothing is certain in this life."

My third "catastrophe" began on May 14 when I received notice that it was time to renew my car license. I have always gone to the court house on North Shepherd to get a new license plate and/or the window sticker, until that day. I thought, "With the high price of gasoline, it will be cheaper to spend a dollar to have them mail the sticker to me than to spend a gallon of gasoline going to the court house. The sticker arrived within a week. I took it out of the envelope and laid it on my desk. Since my license expires on June 30, and my inspection sticker in July, I take care of both of them the last week in June.

When June 28 arrived, I couldn't find the sticker. I searched everywhere: in my car glove compartment, my purse and all over my desk. The $55.30 sticker was gone. I'd just have to buy another one. I was devastated! I kept hoping it would turn up somewhere in my home office space. I checked every place twice. This was a worrisome item on my "to do" list.

Ionly drive my car once, sometimes twice, a week within two miles of my home. Everything I need is that close: my church, hospital, all doctors, Walgreens, Krogers, Sears, Ross's, Dollar Tree, Office Depot, my bank, Adolf Hoepfl car repair shop, Exxon Mobil, post office, health food store, Home Depot, and plenty of restaurants.

July whizzed by, and it was Monday, August 1st. I dreaded talking to the clerk at the court house. I'd have to pay another $55.30 and maybe a penalty. I went to my bank to get a copy of my check as proof that I did buy the sticker on time. There, I met Gene, a deacon at our church. I told him my sad story. He suggested I go to another court house, not as crowded as the one on North Shepherd.

Iarrived at the one just off Long Point. The line was out the door and down the hall! About half way inside, the line zigzagged to make more standing room! The first of the month must be a bad time! However, I was the only one with a walker. The handicap window was right there by the door, and Gene was right: it was quicker! There's always a line at the other one.

I explained my predicament, as I handed over my driver's license, proof of insurance, cancelled check. She said, "That will be $5.30." I exclaimed, "$5.30? I thought I'd have to pay $55.30!!!!"

We lose joy of living in the present when we worry about the future.

Every day may not be good; but there's something good in every day!

God loves us! He does not send calamities, hard times or suffering into our lives. He allows it; then, shows us what to do about it. This draws us closer to Him. There was a time when I was in more pain than I thought I could bear. I prayed to Jesus, saying, "I know this does not equal the pain You suffered on the cross so that I may have eternal life…but please help me get through this, that I may continue to serve You… as You will. "When exploratory surgery followed, I was at peace.

I was so distressed, having locked my keys and purse in my car, in a small town where I knew none of the citizens. However, God had a man with a coat hanger, lots of patience and the know-how to get my car door open.

I cannot think of anything more frightening than to have one of my children missing. Yet, God sent His precious Sallye immediately to my side for help and comfort until my "lost" Wanda showed up again.

The stress of being unjustly ticketed and ordered to a court appearance for having tree limbs at my curb on August 3rd when it was unlawful to put them out before Sept. 13 for the Sept. 20th pickup, could have been too much for me to handle alone. God had a caring across-the-street neighbor, Mark, to assure me, "Don't worry about it…I'll take care of it." Some worry and anxiety was inevitable. "Thank You, God, for Mark."

In my May "Happenings," I wrote about opening my kitchen door to walk out into my garage, flooded from a broken water heater, one Thursday afternoon. Dear friend Sally was in my driveway. She had sent word that she would be over the Thursday before. At this moment, I'm not sure who wrote (I get lots of wonderful letters every week), "Wasn't it great that God delayed Sally's visit until your water heater broke, so she could take care of it for you?" YES!

While disturbing and tragic circumstances may often be around us, remember that our relationship with the Lord is secure. He does not change. He is always our Saviour, Lord, Rock, Teacher, Redeemer, Comforter, Counselor and Lover of our souls. He cares!

My first (and only) great-grandbaby, Jacob, was one year old on August 6. I really enjoyed his first birthday party. There were about 15 little friends and cousins who were entertaining to watch playing together with dozens of exciting toys, riding Jacob's hobby horse, little car, going in and out of his play house. All the precious children took turns and shared--a sweet and wonderful group to grow up with.

I have thoroughly enjoyed watching Jacob grow. He is a tremendous blessing in my life. If there was a baby Olympics for crawling, he would win big time. It's amazing how fast he can scoot across the room. He is walking now, unless he gets in a hurry. Crawling is faster. He is very observant. When handed a new toy or item, he will turn it over and over in his hand, examining it, wondering what to do with it, before putting it in his mouth!

His home is baby-proofed -- covers on all electric wall plugs; latches on all cabinet doors. My house is not! It was my pleasant job to watch him every minute when he was here. He scooted over to my two real stuffed chickens. I said "No! No! Not for baby. You'll pull all their feathers out!" The next morning, he crawled over to the chickens. I was watching, positive he'd reach out for them. NO! He just sat there, looking at them as if wondering why they were "NO."

I couldn't believe he'd remember that overnight.

At 10-1/2 months, he was pulling himself up beside chairs, footstools, couches, even momentarily standing alone. He loves to be taken outside. One morning, Rachel walked out the den door at the back of the house to get the mail from the mailboxes on the street. Jacob hurried to the door, pulled himself up, and began turning the knob. He is so observant; knew that the knob had something to do with opening. He was whimpering because it wouldn't open.

When Rachel returned, she was locked out!!! He had pushed in the center of the knob.

Mike was asleep, behind a closed door in their bedroom. She keeps a cell phone in her pocket, and dialed Mike's cell. It rang on his desk in the den. Frantically, she ran around the house to the front door which is just a few feet away from their bedroom. She was pounding on the door with one fist, ringing the doorbell with the other, and screaming, "Mike! MIKE! Wake up, MIKE!"

Soon an astonished, sleepy Mike opened the door, jumped out of the way as Rachel raced passed him without saying a word, to find Jacob in the kitchen pulling pots and pans out of a drawer…

his first ten minutes of his life to be alone!

When your family gathers around the table on Thanksgiving Day, encourage each one to tell of their greatest blessing from God this year. A poem from Grace E. Easley:

"Dear Lord, thank You for today. Walk beside me all the way. Keep me safe from all that would cause me heartache if it could. Guard my eyes, and ears, and lips. Give me strength to come to grips with each problem I must face, and some courage, just in case. Never let my footsteps stray, 'lest perhaps I lose the way. And whatever may befall, keep me humble through it all. If a cross must be my share, make it one that I can bear. And through shadows of the night, hold me close 'till morning light."

TILLIE WIER, inspirational writer and employee of Logos Ranch, LLC shares her adventures with God so that others may see Him in their everyday lives.

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